Pricing for Timber Frame Structures or Pole Barns vary greatly depending on size and features or whether the structure is a single or two story. Buildings can be as simple as a small Horse Stall, Studio or Storage space, or a complex two story house to be used as a living residence.

What is important is that you get a sensible quotation that clearly includes everything from start to finish. It should cover: Design, Permits, Grading, Materials, and Building the structure completely ready for use.

Barns start at $25.00 per square foot. Most single story barns typically cost around $35.00 per square foot, and two story structures around $45.00 per square foot (based on main floor square footage).

A quotation should include everything from start to finish, and not just be 'Low Priced' on only the basic building just to get you hooked, and then hit you later with a myriad of EXTRAS that are really part of a sound well designed Barn.

However within you may really want some of those certain 'Extras', and we will provide detailed quotations on these items.

Typical Extra Items:
  • Horse Stalls
  • Tack Rooms
  • Studio or Office Rooms
  • Electrical and Plumbing
  • Shed overhang on the outside of your structure
You will find that while there are many beautiful Barn Kits on the web at low prices, however you may have to find a Contractor to build the structure, take care of permitting and site preparation, and in most cases you will need separate contractors for Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing and Landscaping.
At Mountain Barns we handle all of these tasks.
As 'Outbuilding Structures', such buildings do not include internal drywall finishing, detailed electrical implementation, plumbing, sewage or installation of household appliances. Permits for 'Outbuilding Structures' also known as 'Pole Barns' fall into to an outbuilding category, and are far less expensive and more easily obtained.

When internal drywall or electrical installations are required, Mountain Barns can arrange with qualified contractors to provide quotations and perform the necessary tasks.