Mountain Barns Kits
In response to many requests, Mountain Barns now offers three of our popular designs in 'Kit' form.

Our goal is to provide easy to assemble kits for you or your contractor.

Mountain Barns provides the only kits sold on the Internet that meet the following specifications:

  • High Mountain applications
  • Withstand 100 lb Snow Loads
  • Withstand 90 MPH Windloads
We invite you to check with other suppliers to determine if their kit structures also meet the same specifications.

What Mountain Barns Kits contain:

  • 3 sets of Drawings with Structural Engineer certification stamp
  • 1 set of complete installation instructions
  • All wood as required for complete structure
  • Metal roof package with trim and ice shield
  • All doors and windows
  • Booklet describing the building permit application process
Custom Kits:

Our custom kits are derived from our 2 basic structure designs with the option to increase length in 12 foot increments.

Horse stalls, tack rooms and wash rooms are also available as kits plus complete tool packages, paint or stains.

Almost any option you can think of or want we have.