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Large 64' x 72' Monitor Style Structure.

The first level features Timber frame construction with a 24' x 24' tack room, four (4) horse stalls and (1) wash bay.

The second floor is traditional framing with 40' clear span trusses. These are finished as a large open family recreation area with a large rock fireplace and moveable walls.

Three Car Garage with Artist Studio

A 40 x 24 design with 2nd Story Upper Artist Studio 24 x 16. Featuring an extra large 48 wide commercial staircase for ease of access.

30 year rusty metal roofing with rusty metal wanes coat. 3 large garage doors open to an asphalt 1st floor. Exposed Timber Frame Trusses with large double pane windows.

Garage/Workshop with 2nd Story Recreation Room

A 40 x 48 Garage/Workshop with 2nd Story Recreation Room 16 x 48. 3 large sliding garage doors with 3 sliding stall doors allow conversion to horse barn later.

Exposed Timber Frame Trusses feature windows between beams for a very light and open upstairs. French doors lead to a 16 x 12 deck with aged barn wood plank flooring.

(Landscaping artistically rendered.)

Horse Barn with Storage

A timber framed 28' x 42' structure, with a 2nd storey loft and run in shed this structure was finished with recycled trestle wood to give it that vintage look.

Pine Barn with large doormer

A 24' x 36' Barn design with a large doomer for storage. The upper floor is finished with 2 x 12 planks, Rafter roof to maximize upstairs space.

Exterior Siding is 'Pine Channelock'. This is a vertical siding ship-lapped to each other. The front and rear feature large slding doors.

Modified Shed Roof

A 36' x 36' design with a 12 foot Shed overhang. Raised room has room for small loft.

Features include 3 horse stalls.

Gable Horse Barn with attached run in shed

The roof is a gable design with a large run in shed attached.

Three horse stalls are one side with a 10' aisleway, and 8' x10' sliders at both ends. Pine Channelock siding is used on the exterior topped with a coupola.

Green Barn

A 24 x 36 Gambrel Barn. Made from all recycled materials.

Design features a 10 Overhang at one side and a Pro-Panel metal roof.

Red Roof Horse Barn

A unique roof design that yeilds a very special look, built on a foundation with cement floor.

Cedar siding and metal roof will add many years to the life of this beautiful building.

Simple Alpaca Barn

A 12 x 30 design utilizing large metal framed floor to allow easy relocation of stucture.

Siding is pine board and batton, and the building features a steel roof.