Building Time
Mountain Barns completes most buildings
in 6 to 12 weeks.

This time span is from date of contract or purchase order, including: Assistance with Permit applications, Design, and Construction, through to final completion of building and readiness for use.

Contract Tasks may include:

Building Design: All detailed drawings designed to meet nationally recognized building codes: (Uniform Building Code, Standard Building Code or Basic Building Code).
Foundation Plans: Drawings for basement, crawlspace, slab, or pole foundations with all dimensions included.
Exterior Elevations: Drawing of front, rear and sides of structure.
Detailed Floor Plans: Drawings of placement of interior walls, dimensions for rooms, doors, windows and stairways, etc.
Sections: Detailed sections specifying misc joints and other details.
Interior Elevations: Roof Details illustrating slope, pitch and location of dormers, gables and other roof elements.
List of Materials: Detailed material lists, quantities, type and sizes.